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Beanie Melts - Lemon Créme
By Tricia, UT - March 20, 2015

If you love the smell of fresh clean lemon, you will love this. The creme with the lemon is a perfect combination. LOVE THIS!

Beanie Melts - Lemon Créme
By Jamie, CO - September 11, 2015

Love this one!

Beanie Melts - Lemon Creme
By Merica, UT - November 25, 2017

This is a perfect balance of vanilla and lemon. It's sweet and fresh. One of my top spring/summer choices. I keep lemon Cream, tropical lime, and orange grove on rotation.

Beanie Melts - Lemon Creme
By Jamie, CO - January 19, 2018

I love Lemon Creme and Lemon Tree. They are great spring and summer scents! They make my house smell fresh and clean.

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