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Beanie Melts - Bergamot & Basil
By KM, CA - November 21, 2014

True to it's name! My husband loves this scent and I get many people asking me "What is that great smell in your home"? I smile every time. A family favorite.

Beanie Melts - Bergamot & Basil
By Jamie, CO - January 20, 2016

One of my winter favorites!

Beanie Melts - Bergamot & Basil
By Lisa, UT - September 30, 2017

This is my all time favorite scent. I have only lived in my new place for two months and the 2 friends I have invited over came in and the first thing they said was wow it smells really good in here. Then they asked what it was and I told them. I ended up sending them home with 2 cubes each and told them where they could buy them. I absolutely cant live without this scent, but since my store ran out of this one I had to go with the Gogi Berry. I miss this one though, and miss coming in to it and now will place an order.

Beanie Melts - Bergamot & Basil
By Jane, UT - October 06, 2018

This is my favorite scent of all. I bought it to use in winter but have burned it all year long you will love it!

Beanie Melts - Bergamot & Basil
By Mary, UT - September 13, 2019

Back for more of this gorgeous scent. I bought it based on the reviews and they were spot-on. This is my new favorite.

Beanie Melts - Bergamot & Basil
By Lisa, UT - August 08, 2020

There is NOTHING out here on the market that even comes close to this scent. There are Bergamot and Basil scents that smell so bad that I gag when I sampled it. Ashman Candle company has the best Berg and Basil scent hands down. Just wish I could buy them somewhere here California where I have moved back home to from Utah. I just cant afford the shipping. Dont ever mess with the formula for this scent. You got an A+ product here guys.

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