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Beanie Melts - Home Sweet Home
By Cathy, ID - March 01, 2018

This scent is very pleasant and welcoming! A wonderful scent!

Beanie Melts - Home Sweet Home
By Tina, CA - October 22, 2020

In my reviews I will compare some scents to my favorite company Salt City Candles scents. They are unfortunately out of business so I went on the hunt for places who have their stock and found that Ashman purchased some of their signature scents. This is not one of them. However, this scent is equally as delightful though has completely different scents in it. It is a little bit spicy and a little bit fruity and as it's name indicates quite homey. The spice in it is not overbearing and the fruitiness gives it a nice blend. It almost gives you that Christmas feeling, but to me it is more of an everyday scent. So far I am in love with all the scents I purchased from Ashman which was something like 16 different scents. I prefer the sweet, fruity, and/or spicy scents as opposed to flowery scents which in general tend to give me a headache.

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