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Beanie Melts - Honeydew Melon
By Tina, CA - October 22, 2020

In my search for Salt City Candles I was referred to this company by a boutique store in Price, Utah called Apple Country Crafts that I managed to find through pics they posted on Pinterest of their stock of Salt City Candles which is no longer in business. One of my favorite Salt City Scents was their Honeydew Melon because it was a strong fresh cut honeydew smell. Ashman's Honeydew Melon is a lighter scent but still a good Honeydew scent that also smells like fresh cut honeydew. I would say it is not as sweet smelling as the Salt City Honeydew which from reviews I've read some people prefer. Personally I like the stronger honeydew scent. It is not weak, but it is lighter and does not have a chemically scent or a flowery scent which I have gotten from other brands Honeydew (especially Yankee honeydew). I would definitely recommend this scent if you are looking for a nice fruity honeydew scent. I bought two packs and will be buying more once I use these up. Delightful. :)

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