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Learn how to maintain your candles and beanie melts from Ashman Candles with these helpful FAQs.

Candle and Beanie Melt Tips FAQs

Why Ashman Soy Candles are better than other candles?

First, our candles are made in Lindon, Utah with USA made glass, wax, fragrance, and wicks where quality is our first priority. We start with a sturdy tempered blown glass with a unique soy blend wax that is environmentally friendly and produced from renewable resources. We load our candles with custom fragrance blends that use the highest quality of ingredients providing signature premium scents. We use two unbleached cotton wicks that are attached with a fire-safety tab that extinguishes the candle with 1/2" of wax left in the jar. Two wicks allow the candle to liquefy across the top ensuring an even burn. The fragrance, wax, and color are thoroghly mixed and poured at the perfect temperature that ensures your Ashman Candle will burn evenly, without soot, and smell the same all the way down to the bottom.


What is your recommended burning time for Ashman Soy Candles?

First, trim your wicks (1/4 inch above the solid wax) each time you burn your candle. Proper wick size will minimize soot and enable your candle to burn correctly. We suggest you burn our soy candles for no more than four to five hours at a time. The reason being, many customers want a candle that will liquify quickly, releasing more fragrance into the air. They don't have more than a couple of hours to burn a candle but still want the enjoyment of a strong smelling candle. Our soy candles are made to liquify within an hour and will reach a peak within two to three hours. Beyond four to five hours your liquified pool of wax will be a quarter inch deep and you run the risk of burning the fragrance out of the wax before the wax is consumed which could weaken the scent the next time it's lit. Also, the jar will become hot and must be handled carefully and kept out of the reach of children. As with any candle it is always recommended you burn your candle in a candle holder, away from anything flammable.


How long do your soy candles burn and your Beanie Melts last?

The large (25 oz) candle burns for approximately 100 hours, our medium (17 oz) candle will burn about 60 hours, and our 12 oz will burn about 45 hours. For our Beanie Melts, one package should provide over 100 hours of fragrance. Please note that the duration is a result of the amount of fragrance in the wax and the amount of heat the warmer generates. Given most warmers on the market today heated either with a light bulb, heating plate or tealight one row of 4 Beanies will last at least 24 hours. Turning your warmers off at night will obviously lenghten the fragrance time.


Are your soy Candles and Beanie Melts highly scented?

Absolutely. For over 14 years we've been putting more quality fragrance in our products than the industry standard. Our soy candles and Beanie Melts contain a great deal of fragrance oil that is equally distributed throughout the candle and Beanie Melt. Each fragrance is unique and will burn or melt differently. Some are very strong and others, even though they have the same amount of fragrance, will be a more subtle aroma. Other fragrances will rise and some will hang low and linger. Each fragrance has been picked for it's unique qualities and rich lasting aromas that set the bar much higher than our competitors.


Do your soy candles smoke like other candles?

All wicks will smoke if they are too long. Our candles are made to minimize and most times eliminate any smoking and soot if properly trimmed and maintained. Vegetable wax in general is cleaner burning than paraffin based candles and when our natural wax is coupled with the right amount of fragrance and cotton wicks, you get a candle that is virtually smoke and soot free.


Do I need to trim the wicks?

Yes and No. Trimming your wicks is the most important candle burning step. Too long and they'll smoke, too short and they will extinguish themselves. The perfect height is 1/4" before you light the candle. If you trim your wicks too low or see that your flame is small and blue, you can correct the problem by extracting some of the wax (try to keep it level across the top of the candle) and allowing the candle to burn longer than normal.


My wicks are off center.

Sometimes your wicks may become off center as you burn your candle or they may be manufactured slightly off center. They may also have a tendency to "lay down" as they burn in a candle. In any event, to correct this, when the candle has a liquid pool around the wicks, take a wick dipper or some type of instrument and submerge it in the liquid wax down to the point where the wick enters the hard wax and gently push it towards the center of the candle. You should also do the same to stand a wick up if it is laying over. Only attempt to move the wicks when they are in liquid wax as they are extremely brittle and will break off.


What if I break off one of my wicks?

Unfortunately the candle is designed to burn level with two wicks. One wick is not sufficient to burn all the way to the edge. You'll have the extract enough wax to ensure the broken wick will burn. The wick is very fragile and will continue to break off if your not careful when you dig around it. A heat gun can be used to melt the candle so enough wax can be taken out and leveled so the candle will burn appropriately.


What's the Ashman Beanie Melt story?

When we began making Beanie Melts in 2001, our goal was to take our highly scented candles and eliminate the expense (jar, labor etc.) of making a candle while giving customers all the fragrance found in an Ashman Candle without the flame. During this time, customers were melting jar candles on "coffee/soup warmers" which made no sense. Why pay for a candle when all you want is the fragrance. So, we began looking for the right solution when one of our local Distributors, Cliff and Sara Mitchell - located in the Layton area, saw some Jello molds that they thought would work for what we were trying to do. After collecting over 100 jello molds from local supermarkets, we started pouring our highly scented wax in them. Cliff and Sara began selling Smellie Beans in the Quilted Bear and other local businesses and we began selling our Beanie Melts. Not long after we started making them in the jello molds, we developed our unique 7.5 oz value pack so we could easily manufacture the most highly scented wax potpourri on the market. Beginning in 2004, we started seeing imitators popping up who continue to fall short on the value and quality that Ashman Beanie Melts provide.


Will Ashman Beanie Melts work in my warmer?

Because our Beanie Melts are manufactured with a unique soy blended wax (has a low melt point and holds a lot of fragrance), they work with any warmer that uses a light bulb (15 watt or higher), heating plate or even a tealight.


How do I burn my Ashman Wood Wick Candle?

Burning your Ashman Wood Wick candle is pretty straight forward. The wicks are presized and shouldn't have to be trimed before lighting. They will have a little larger flame to begin with but will settle into the perfect size it needs to burn evenly. We recommend not trimming the wick after the initial burn and allowing the candle to liquify completely across the top of the candle. Extinguish the candle when anytime after it's liquified across the top and when the liquid pool reaches 1/2" deep. Each fragrance is unique and you may find that your Ashman wood wick candle will burn nicely all day long or you may have to blow it out after several hours.


I've had candles burn down the middle and leave a lot of wax on the sides. Will Ashman's do that?

Welling or tunneling are caused by a number of things. Some candles contain additives that clog the wick from burning efficiently prohibiting the heat to melt the wax completely to the sides of the candle jar. Others have wicks that are too small for the size and nature of the candle. Short burning times will not allow sufficient time for your candle to liquify completely across the top. Many candles are not poured flat across the top increasing the chance of tunneling. Also, sometimes the wick is off centered causing the candle to burn irregularly. Ashman candles are manufactured to burn completely to the sides and all the way to the bottom of the jar (however, we recommend that you discontinue burning your candle with ½ in. of wax left in the bottom) Our candles contain only additives that are scientifically formulated in the wax blend enabling the wick to put off the maximum heat. We recommend longer burning times to allow the candle to liquify completely across the top which eliminates tunneling and throws more fragrance. Lastly, we go the extra mile and hand pour each candle so it is completely flat across the top providing an efficient burn starting point and greater value to you. Occasionally, a wick is or may become off centered causing it to burn irregularly. To remedy, when the candle has liquified around the top, simply move the wick one way or the other with a non-flammable object until it is centered or until the top is even again.


Are scented candles a health hazard?

Ashman Candles are made from vegetable wax with unbleached cotton (lead free)wicks. Our high quality fragrance oils contain no heavy metals. The combination of high quality ingredients and proper candle burning techniques represent no health risk.

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