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Premium Scented Jar Candles

Each candle is hand poured with soy wax, making them some of the most fragrant, long lasting and decorative candle's you'll ever experience.


Wood Wick Candles

Our premium fragranced soy wax blended candles wicked with an organic wood wick creates a gentle crackling fire sound with the exceptional fragrance.


Beanie Melts

Ashman Beanie Melts™: the original highly scented wax potpourri since 2001 and still the best way to fragrance your home or office when you can't have an open flame.


Beanie Melt Warmers

Pick from Beanie Melt Warmers that include colorful plug-ins with their separate dish, making it easy to dispense the wax. Or pick from decorative heating plate or light bulb warmers.


Specialty Candles/Accessories

Ashman Specialty Candles have been created for those of you who want to switch fragrances often.


Willow Tree Figurines

The Willow Tree selection of small collectible figurines are offered for the special message they convey and the beautiful look they display.


Premium Air Fresheners

Tired of the same old fragrances you've used in your car? Try and Ashman Premium Air Freshener in one of our unique fragrances.


Special Discounts

Check out our products that are currently offered specially discounted!


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